Success stories RTI

Use of RTI Act in its right earnest for public good, by bringing out the misdeeds of Public Authority, has resulted in correcting the malafide actions of Public Authorities and delivering public justice in my 6 years of active utilization of RTI Act 2005. It must always be remembered that it is not enough to get the information through RTI Act but to use the information further in a positive manner that brings out the desired selfless results. To eke out the required information one may have to resort to series of applications with more than one public authority and should have the patience and perseverance to get the information as many public authorities simply dodge to part with the information. I would like to share some of the success stories for posterity while there are many such cases of success.

  1. My efforts to make an NGO, National Association for Blind Karnataka Chapter, has resulted in opening the eyes of the “BLIND” who were exploited by the NGO. Now that NAB has been declared as a public authority the really affected people that is blind people in whose name the NGO was making crores of rupees stands exposed and now the benefit has to be passed on to the real needy ones. All their arbitrary actions will be stopped henceforth and will have to act democratically for the welfare of blind people. They should also strictly adhere to the laws of the land towards administration of such NGO for the disabled by registering with the state Government since they are running their NGOs illegally. Case no 12183 APL 2014 and 12182 APL 2014

  2. Series of RTI applications with multiple public authorities have helped unearth illegal and suspicious allotment of 11 acres 11 guntas of government prime land to an educational institution of a powerful politician. This educational institution has been allotted 25 acres of prime land elsewhere too. The government land was meant for housing projects for the economically weaker sections of the society. Two enquiries ordered by KIC in their land mark judgment will ensure that this parcel of land is returned to the government for the purpose for which it was originally meant for. KIC 910 PTN 2013 and KIC 2525 PTN 2013

  3. Misuse of funds and financial powers by a Chief Engineer in BBMP was found out through series of RTI applications and now case of corrupt practices by the CE lodged by me is pending with Karnataka Lokayuktha

  4. The revelations by the documents obtained from RTI has led to lodging of corruption case against a powerful IAS officer is pending with newly formed ACB

  5. The public could be informed about the massive amount of movable and immovable property including gold and silver by the Lokayuktha police in the last 10 years case KIC10202 APL 2014. This also revealed the ineffective Lokayuktha police raids

  6. Series of RTI applications on KSPCB revealed the fact about continuous misuse and abuse of Water act 1974 and air act 1981 by the powerful biotech company BIOCON and how there incorrect and unsafe practices led to pollution of Hebbugodi, Bommasandra and Kammasandra lakes. Now after my intervention the company has agreed to rejuvenate these three lakes at their cost which will be approximately Rs20 Crores.

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