Anupama Shenoy

Globally, in any civilized democratic society it is usually expected that fellow citizens are cordial and polite to each other while communicating with each other, leaving exceptions. It is natural that one feels slighted, irrespective of his/her social standing, when the other person is either impolite or discourteous during a conversation both orally and telephonically. Abruptly disconnecting a call or not returning the call at a convenient time is certainly discourteous. No reasons can alleviate such a behavior. It is assumed that such kind of discourtesy on part of Ms Anupama Shenoy towards Sri Paramaeshwar Naik, District in charge minister of Ballary was the spark to get her transferred out of Kudligi by the minister, as admitted by himself, which in itself is questionable.

However, when the Govt of Karnataka set right this wrong by reposting her to Kudligi everyone thought the matter of acrimony between the police officer and the minister was truly over. But, alas, as the situations unfolded with the sudden resignation of Ms Anupama Shenoy, a KSPS officer, from the post of Dy SP the matter instead of being settled is burning generating lot of heat across the state.

As per public perception Ms Anupama Sheno is an able and competent KSPS officer with fair amount of service seniority. Any able and competent govt officer serving the public is also expected to be thorough with the service rules governing such a position. It is certainly desirable that all govt officers are able and competent but also are equally expected to be disciplined too. No one in any organization, however small or big, including corporate world, will tolerate indiscipline of any kind. Suitable actions will be taken to ensure discipline is enforced. More so, in a uniformed service, like that of, Police Force.

Therefore the question arises as to why Ms Anupama Shenoy chose to hand over her resignation to a sub ordinate office instead of the superior officer as the norms are? Certainly she could have posted or couriered or even emailed. Secondly no govt officer can leave the post of duty, till the resignation is accepted by the competent authority, whatever be the level of ability, competence and integrity. That amounts to absent without leave and hence posting comments on social media from a hideout (it beats all logic why should an able and competent officer go underground??) casting aspersions on the govt tantamount to gross indiscipline. I am sure she is certainly aware of these aspects of service rules which are applicable to every govt servant.

Since the govt of Karnataka had shown solidarity to her by reposting her to Kudligi, it would have been the right thing for her to fight injustice from within rather than from hiding. As a police officer if she had the CD or Audio of illegal activities of Sri Parameshwar Naik she could have certainly used the relevant laws to bring him to book. The public would have more proud of her. Going underground and using social media to come out with revelations is certainly unbecoming since she is still in service as her resignation is yet to be accepted. She could have just waited till the fate of her resignation was decided. It is a matter that ought to be investigated as to when she came to possess the CD or Audio cassette which she claims to contain illegal and obscene activities of Sri Parameshwar Naik and public should be kept in the picture and actions against the people involved to be taken posthaste.

Instead of opting to uncover illegal activities from within the system by utilizing the firm support shown by the govt of the day, she has chosen social media to rent her feelings of frustration which in itself is questionable. The rumor mills have it that she is connected to a NGO run by a sitting MP when Ms Anupama Shenoy had just completed her MSW. It is worthwhile to inquire whether she is still a part of any such NGO. t is probably for the first time in India, a police officer of the rank of Dy SP has gone underground while her resignation is being debated hotly. It is unfortunate that the issue of governance is being politicized by certain political parties without even giving a thought as to what will happen if every govt servant behaves in similar fashion in future. There will no respect for rule of law. Let all politicians remember India a democracy with a rule of law and not a banana republic. Let one bad egg not spoil the whole basket.

Jai Hind
I love my India
Wg Cdr GB Athri (retd)

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